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As a cartoonist and a Christian, I enjoy experiencing genuine, heartfelt joy and laughing. A lot, in fact. It’s even more blessed to make other people laugh. While I’m sure I failed to cause massive belly laughs with any of my cartoons, I still strive to balance teaching with a subtle type of humor, the type made famous and palatable by the late Charles Schulz. On rare occasions, I actually accomplish that.

But you know, the field of Christian-themed cartoons is pretty small. Typically, we Christian cartoonists have to draw within strict guidelines to intentionally avoid drawing anything that a Christian denomination might find offensive (it’s a loooong list). The result is we must produce overly preachy cartoons or ones that are overly cheesy. Paying jobs are nearly non-existent.

So, here at NAA, I threw out the guidelines and tried my best to avoid doing either overtly preachy or overtly cheesy cartoons. Instead, I consistently aim to do something unique, with a balance of humor and thought. The “price” I happily pay is very little attention and exposure.

With all that said, I would just like to thank all the dear NAA subscribers, even the haters. Though the number is tiny, you don’t know how much your support is appreciated. I’ve never asked for money and don’t plan on doing so. However, if you could just share a cartoon here and there, I’ll be one click closer to conquering the world… or maybe just having one more person appreciate what I’m trying to accomplish.

Extra special thanks to J.W. Wartick, Andy Oldham, and RG2Cents.

Joshua / NAA


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