Skeptic Mantra #14

The Talmud, Sanhedrin 43a Tacitus, Annals 15.44 Josephus, Antiquities 18:63-64 Josephus, Antiquities 20:9.1 Lucian, The Passing of Peregrinus Pliny, Letters 10.96-97 Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all the historical references to Jesus. These are just to get you started. If you’ve got more, feel free to add to ’em in […]

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Rhetoric Meets Reality

For details, click here:(BBC News) Monkeys fail to produce masterpiece Or here: (The Guardian UK) Give six monkeys a computer, and what do you get? Certainly not the Bard Or here: (CBS News) Monkey Theory Proven Wrong

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Purpose of the Blog The comics posted here are meant to spark discussion and exchange about the most important topics that can be debated, which are: Does God exist? Does life have a purpose? Is the existing evidence best explained by natural or supernatural causes? Meaning of “No Apologies Allowed” The title “No Apologies Allowed” […]

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