The Dreaded Define-the-Dao Dilemma

The Dreaded Define-the-Dao Dilemma
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Heard of “The Dao” or “The Tao”? What is it?

Apparently, whatever philosophical concept you’d like it to be:
Dao De Jing – 23 Different Translations Side-by-Side

So, is the “Dao” [g]od? Reason? Infinity? Principle? Existence? Life? Even once we settle on a word to translate 「道」dao4, how can anyone be sure that theirs is the correct one? If we maintain that “Dao” is that thing which cannot be clearly fined, the very definition is a self-contradiction.

What in the world is the Dao? Who knows? Who, indeed, can know?

If you’re a Daoist, I welcome your comments.

NOTE: I do like to read the works of Zhuangzi, by the way.


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