Who’s preaching in vain?

Who's preaching in vain?
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5 thoughts on “Who’s preaching in vain?

  1. Thanks for the comments.

    Depending on the ultimate truth of any of the three claims, one, at least, is preaching in vain; the claims of one or more of these preachers ultimately lacks substance and worth, fulfilling the very meaning of “vain”.

    Ironically, if atheism or agnosticism were shown to be true, then the preaching of either would still be vain, because it wouldn’t matter anyway. So, whether ultimately true or ultimately false, two of these worldviews are, in my opinion, trapped in their own vainness.


  2. Exactly, JW. If the other worldviews were ultimately true, then it would be like someone coming up to you and saying, “Your hair is not on fire.” Well, that’s fine because you didn’t smell smoke or feel pain anyway; that is, there was no evidence to make me come to that conclusion.

    However, in the case of God, there is evidence — DNA (a code system); body systems (there are about 9 distinct type of joints in the human body alone, each with a different fuction); reproduction (which take all the problems associated with evolution and doubles them); etc. — which only make sense in the light of Intelligence and force our minds to consider that naturalism can’t be the answer.

    Of course, once the concept of “God” has been defined, the debate about which one can start. And, by God’s grace, He’s given us a written record of people, events, and narratives that are interwoven with history, geography, and anthropology. More important, He gave the world a personal revelation of Himself in the historical, literal figure of His Son, Christ Jesus. We don’t have to rely on “take my word for it” gimmicks that marr Mormonism, Buddhism, and other religions.

    NOTE: Hand gestures in the image are symbolic. :)


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