Captain Beefheart, Early Existential Materialist Spokesman?

Captain Beefheart, Early Existential Materialist Spokesman?
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Yes, I enjoy the musical and artistic output of Captain Beefheart. In fact, a few of his albums are indicated by various images in this very picture.

Nevertheless, matter does matter. All matter matters. Life and purpose are not just a lot of blabber ‘n’ smoke.


7 thoughts on “Captain Beefheart, Early Existential Materialist Spokesman?

  1. “The stars are matter. We’re matter. It doesn’t matter.” I love that phrase though, I’ve used a variation it myself, while not quoting anyone: “All is matter and it does not matter.” Thought I was clever, but “There is nothing new under the sun.”

    Anyway, on atheism it is totally true… it perplexes me frequently when atheists deny this. How would anything matter if all is just matter? All “we” are is a clump of particles, no more or less valuable than the clump making up our clothes, pets, or the stone our homes sit upon.


    1. Thanks for your kind words! I’m still engaged in a conversation with one of the people who showed up there. I love bringing up this idea with my Apologetics Class (which I teach at church) as well. People can’t get their minds around the fact that on atheism, nothing matters. It’s so repugnant that even those who accept it can’t live in such a system.


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