Recondite, The Lost Book of The Book of Mormon

Recondite, the Lost Book of The Book of Mormon
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Discussion Questions

1) Is pure gold a good medium for preserving historical records? Why or why not?

2) A cubic centimeter of gold weighs about 19.3 grams. How much would a “book” of pure gold that was 6″ X 8″ X 6″ weigh? (Do the math and be amazed.)

3) Could a guy run at full speed, fight off three would-be thieves, and do it all while holding said gold book?

4) If the records were really made of gold and very small, would the author waste space constantly repeating his name (reference Nephi), phrases (like “and it came to pass”), and recording superfluous information (read 1 Nephi 6)?

5) How easy it to inscribe things on solid gold AND preserve them, especially if they are laying flat in a book format?

6) Documentation shows that Joseph Smith lied about being able to locate hidden treasures. Why should be believe him just this one time?

7) Did anyone actually see the literal gold plates in reality?


2 thoughts on “Recondite, The Lost Book of The Book of Mormon

  1. Loving the included discussion questions. Again, I recommend that book I mentioned earlier “The New Mormon Challenge.” It briefly addresses the possibility of a book written on metal from the ANE and concludes that while metal was sometimes used as a writing material, “…the dissimilarities in usage with the Book of Mormon outweigh the similarity of material” (discussion on p. 340-342. Great stuff!


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