The Poor Physician’s Poor Prescription

The Poor Physician's Poor Prescription
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In both formal and informal apologetic engagements, I think we (note the use of the pronoun “we”, I include myself here) try to be so nice and understanding that if forces insincere responses out of us and makes us ignore the metaphorical ice pick through the tumor-laden forehead.

Let us learn from this poor physician’s poor prescription. Don’t say or refrain from saying things for the sake of being “nice”. Otherwise, you’re moving yourself out of the argument and into a therapy session, a move that not only just masks and prolong the problem(s), it also makes yourself become immediately irrelevant and out-of-place.


2 thoughts on “The Poor Physician’s Poor Prescription

  1. This physician’s prescriptions remind me of David Hayward at He will bring up general problems with the church and society, but when it comes to the individual he speaks in vagueries. (I made up that last word.) His cartoons are always interesting though.


  2. In a way, there’s a new extreme that has overtaken many people fed up with the fakery of mass-consumer religion; they tend to think that there’s nothing wrong with anyone — except those who think there’s something wrong with all of us. As you yourself know, the human heart is a dark thing at times. That’s an intimate thing that I think we’ve all got to admit.

    Thanks for your input and for pointing out David’s work! I’ve seen some of his work (I think I saw some on your site).


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