Materialism Disguised as a Rock Searching for Fruit in a Field of Reason

Materialism disguised as a rock searching for fruit in the field of reason
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6 thoughts on “Materialism Disguised as a Rock Searching for Fruit in a Field of Reason

    1. Very true. I’m taking a class on the origins of life right now with Biola University through the Reasons Institute (Reasons to Believe). Much of the assigned reading is materialistic, to give us the background. It’s fascinating reading what these writers say. One, for example, writes that just as life evolve, so too do the elements of life/chemicals. So no, we are no different from a rock. The only difference is how our molecules are arranged.

      You and I share this thought very often-on materialism, there just is no meaning. At all. We are nothing.


      1. I’m taking a course at Biola, too. (Different course.)

        How exactly do they address the hypocrisy of everything being meaningless but they themselves, believers in materialism, pretending that things have meaning?

        Your comment touches on the symbolism in my use of a rock. You brought up the rock — the ultimate solid that is the origin of subsequent matter in a materialistic framework. The second “level” of my use of a rock as a disguise is incorporated to show that, like any disguise, it’s used to conceal the truth.

        Thanks for your continued interaction!


      2. Well the explanation is usually just a question: “How do you know that objective meaning is better than subjective meaning?” Which is, of course, not my point at all.

        But ultimately they get to the point where they say “I have subjective meaning, and that is meaning, so I’m meaningful.”

        Of course this does not do anything to counter the fact that ultimately, their meaning is just as meaningful (or, more accurately, meaningless) as an ant’s.

        I talk about it a lot (with lots of atheists weighing in) here:


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