NoApologiesAllowed Oddpologists Series: LA Marzulli

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Congratulations to LA Marzulli, the subject of my first “NoApologiesAllowed Oddpologist” caricature!

What’s an “oddpologist”?

Now, don’t let the word “odd” fool you. It’s not an insult. Nope. The word “odd” means “differing markedly from the usual or ordinary or accepted” (Merriam Webster). Most believers are content with “usual” or “ordinary”; they’re perfectly happy to just sit and nod from the pew, to not lift a finger — except when being critical of those working on the frontlines of the worldview war.

As for me, I prefer “oddpologists” like LA, because they interact with the real world, give us Christians a lot to think about, and challenge the me-centered drivel that spews from the pulpits of many church buildings around the world. Specifically speaking, LA offers a really unique take on end time events and biblical prophecy, which incorporates a planned (prophesied?) demonic deception in the guise of alien saviors (which he termed “The Alien Gospel”). LA has interviewed a lot of people throughout the years on his radio show. His recent show with Gary Stearman on Gary’s new book, “Time Travelers in the Bible” was one of the most interesting Christian + time travel shows I’ve ever heard. And it also doesn’t hurt to mention that he’s a talented composer (listen to the powerful buffer music on his show for samples) and he has a great sense of humor, too.

Read LA Marzulli’s frequently updated blog here:

Or you can check out his books and DVDs here:

And to quote his famous tagline:

“UFOs are real, burgeoning, and not going away!”


4 thoughts on “NoApologiesAllowed Oddpologists Series: LA Marzulli

  1. Thanks so much!

    By the way, I’m not the same Joshua Warren that hunts for ghosts, although we are familiar with each other’s work, we grew up in the same place, we have a mutual friend, and we’re both stunningly handsome. Oh, and our biggest difference is: I carry the name of Christ, so I’m pretty sure that I’d be a ghost’s worst nightmare.


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