Humorless Humanist Humor

Humorless Humanist Humor
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See how silly something can look when taken out of context?

The only context where the humanist ad campaign would fly is in the post-Christian West. Did they translate the ads into Korean or Chinese? Well, why not?


3 thoughts on “Humorless Humanist Humor

  1. Hey, tildeb.

    It’s a matter of society biting the hand that feeds it.

    Did / Does the concept of freedom exist in the West? What made it a reality?

    And don’t forget that there are those who predict that the UK will be a Muslim nation in the future. Even Peter Hitchens, brother of Christopher, thinks so.

    How much freedom of thought, expression, and opinion is done in majority-Muslim nations? Has Dawkins et al. sought to get these billboards translated into Arabic? Korean? Mandarin? Why not?

    I live in a majority-Buddhist nation. In general, many just don’t care about human rights issues, theism, atheism, God, gunk, social justice, justice in general, or anything not directly related to a paycheck. And I’m not saying that I blame them. It’s all that many know as the purpose of life. (Many of us are working hard to change that.)

    And that’s why I didn’t say a “post-religion West”, to which you comment might better apply. What do you think?

    Thanks for your comment, though!


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