The Spiritual Survival Knife

The Spiritual Survival Knife
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Genuinely thankful and blessed to present this cartoon to you all. It’s #50! (Yeah!)


6 thoughts on “The Spiritual Survival Knife

  1. This one works, but probably not in the way you intended.

    The image of having to add all kinds of human inventions to make the book at all meaningful or useful, is the essence of apologetics.

    But then then, the more usual Swiss army knife if of more practical use, unless you also need paper to start fires.


  2. Really? What “kinds of human inventions…make the book at all meaningful or useful”? Is it reason? Logic? History? Research? Linguistics? Archaeology? (Those are what apologetics is about.)

    By the way, the different tools are symbols for different things that reading the Bible can do for those who read it and take what it says seriously.


    1. apologetics isn’t about those things, it’s about trying to use those things to gloss over the gaps between the religious claims and reality, where reason, Logic, History, Research, Linguistics, and Archaeology properly belong grounded.

      If those tools were really used on the book – mirrors, scissors and other cutting tools, that book would be a lot smaller, maybe just the poetry parts


      1. Thanks for showing us you don’t really know what you’re talking about. And it’s interesting that you don’t burden yourself with evidence for your claims. A person can’t spend 5 minutes reading good apologetic material and make the claims you have made. All those tools / discplines are to help establish the Bible’s historicity and reliability. While I had appreciated your interactions, these comments have also prompted me to take you less and less seriously.

        To help support your claim and to re-establish some of your credibility, can you name just one Christian apologetics book that you’ve read through complete?


  3. What apologetic would like to be and what it is, are different things.

    Consider this: if the religion had merit, why would there need to be an apologetic movement?

    and as you are getting to, we are in a he said she said, with no compromise possible.


    1. Consider this: if the religion had merit, why would there need to be an apologetic movement?

      Because people are people and we use language (spoken and written) to communicate maybe?

      Regardless of your false impression of religious people and Christians in particular, some people really do like evidence for what they think, know, and believe. Although you don’t seem like one of those kinds of people at the moment, I do have hope that the living God can change even the hardest and darkest heart, as He did me, once an agnostic and a person who used to make fun of Christians.

      Now, I won’t be responding on this thread again unless or until you answer this question, which I’ll post again in case you overlooked it:

      Can you name just one Christian apologetics book that you’ve read?

      (I’m waiting to see if I get the answer I suspect I’ll get…)


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