5 Ways to Manhandle a Christian Apologist Online

5 Ways to Manhandle a Christian Apologist Online
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7 thoughts on “5 Ways to Manhandle a Christian Apologist Online

  1. Besides your skills in artwork, you have a tremendous spirit of discernment on you. You clearly pinpoint the heart of the matter from the noise. I praise God for you, happy thanksgiving!


  2. Hey brother,
    First off do not judge the well being of your site by the amount of comments, but do see the health of the website by the amount of traffic. Your site is original, witch is very rare in the internet, so I would absolutely not abandon the idea. What you can do is to “market”your cartoons better, I stumbled upon your website by complete chance. I believe I read that you allow others to use you cartoons on their website… Market that! Personnaly email apologetics websites and show them your cartoons and encourage them to use them. You art is great, your topics relevant and like I said your spirit of discernment is incredible!. I know arts is hard and you do this in your spare time but I believe you can get compensation for this work you are doing. I see magnets and shirts as a possibility. I would love to have “The atheistic In the beginning” on my fridge. Takes a printer, special paper and a paper cutter. Than you could give a part of the proceeds to charity or an orphanage :)
    The body of Christ is one of the most incredible images in the Bible, you have your skills, I have mine, I can do things you can’t and vice versa, I would hate to see this site dying….where else should I go? You’re one of the freshset websites I have seen. Not really an original concept, I am sure someone put apologetics and cartoons before in the history of the world, but you wonderfully execute everything and you have a consistency in your work. The work itself is great, if you don’t like the way it works out, you can keep your art and do something else about it like magnets, art for apologetics website, etc, etc, etc.
    You’ve got a good vision from God, He will never, ever, ever give you a vision that is achievable without work. He gave Noah the plans but He sure left him to work :)
    Take courage, I can do everything through Christ who strengthen me :)


  3. any day brother. You have the skills for God’s work. Another idea for you is a book of all the cartoons, you can self publish it on demand with services like blurb.com, etc. Stay strong and God bless.


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