The Constant Cry of Civilization’s Collective Conscience

The Constant Cry of Civilization's Collective Conscience
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4 thoughts on “The Constant Cry of Civilization’s Collective Conscience

    1. Is this another episode of “vitriol-hit-and-run”? Why does the amount of violence have any bearing on the discussion?

      Blame God for what? This cartoon wasn’t on “end of days”. It was a comment on the core of religious thought and opinions from all around the globe. But in the past you have refused to answer whether or not you’ve actually studied any other religions apart from atheism, so I don’t expect you to actually give a crap.

      Aim before you shoot!


  1. Oh, that’s rich.

    Things like this make me think that the minute hand is inching closer to that great Day…

    How’s my aim now?

    The ‘constant cry of civilization’s collective conscience’ is vastly improving only through human effort as the tyrannical grip of religious ‘authority’ is slowly loosened by dedicated secularists using the spectrum of human suffering as the template against which we can implement and measure effective and meaningful change to reduce it. Reverting to prayer is empty mewling. But by all means show me with good evidence that my ‘aim’ is off.


    1. Hello? The quotation is from my comment on an entirely different cartoon with a different theme and intent.

      Strike one.

      Even in its proper, original context (as a comment on a separate cartoon), it wasn’t in any way any sort of prayer for “the end of days”.

      Strike two.

      “Aim before you shoot” was a reference to your comment implying that this cartoon was about me “pray[ing] for the end of days” and then shooting at an argument that I wasn’t making. That’s all.

      Strike three.

      You’ve yet to demonstrate any real willingness to understand any single religious concept, Christian or otherwise. And you don’t strike me as someone who gives a crap anyway, if I can just put it bluntly. But life can change and so can people. I’m living proof.

      (I’m anticipating your response to my next sentence, let’s see if it comes true.) Don’t think with the Internet wide-open for your viewing that you expect me to do the work of editing down a case for this-or-that Christian claim and presenting it to you here? As anyone who reads these comments can see, you’ve not shown the least interest in any material that I’ve provided in past threads. And from what I recall, you not once acknowledged that you followed / opened / read a single link that I shared with you.

      You deserve something for being so generous with your time and devoting it here. I’ll see to it that you get a book! In the process of these exchanges, I just wanted you to know that I genuinely appreciate it, man. I mean it. :)


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