“Born this way”?

"Born this way"?
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Doesn’t that view of human sexuality, that it’s hardwired from birth (“Born This Way”), give everyone an excuse? Can’t we all use “I was born this way” to excuse any behavior? Where does that leave us?


10 thoughts on ““Born this way”?

  1. Indeed. If the argument is “People are born that way, it should be okay” then we should also do the same for not just all sexual lifestyles, but also for kleptomaniacs and those who are born predisposed to violence or alcoholism.


    1. Yes, NAA, that was an argument that the creation of victims matters very much in any argument trying to justify the exercise of ‘natural’ behaviours and why people must also take into account this effect.

      You are arguing a straw man about my perspective. Your lack of knowledge I notice rarely seems to impede you from drawing conclusions and instilling them with a great deal of confidence and this case is no different.


      1. Well, please don’t kid yourself, man. Your opinion of me and my work is something I lost concern for a long while back when you refused to even acknowledge whether or not you read any information that I provided which went against your positions. That spoke volumes and the record is preserved in our back-and-forth comments for the observant among the visitors here to see.

        Also I’d be interested to see what in the world you think this cartoon means.

        Explain away.

        (NOTE: I limit my responses to 2 interactions. No more.)


  2. If that were all there was to the argument, then yes. But it isn’t. Allpretense notwithstanding, the notion that accepting homosexuality commits us to excusing a range of harmful sexual activities is little otehr than malicious deceit.


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment.

      If you have the time, I’d like to hear your answers to the following questions:

      1) On what grounds would you object to the other lifestyles portrayed in the cartoon?
      2) What makes any of the lifestyles portrayed in the cartoon more or less harmful than homosexual behavior?
      3) If you agree that the other lifestyles portrayed in the cartoon are “harmful”, why homosexual behavior excluded (especially given the statistics)?


    1. Well, glad that I didn’t expect you to answer the questions. The answers would probably only hurt your position. Maybe you’ll answer this one: Where or when does an individual start to take and lose responsibility for their own actions?

      Nevertheless, we just can’t get away from the fact that sexual intercourse is always a conscious decision (apart from rape).


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