The Savage Evangelist

The Savage Evangelist
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Dear Savage Evangelist:

In an effort to convert the “savages”, you have become one. You have forgotten that no one is every going to read what’s in your hand if they can’t get past what’s coming out of your mouth — cursings and damnation that tradition passes off as “truth”. And once you start treating people like actual people, maybe the news will stop reporting you as an example of “Christian ‘love'” and forcing the rest of us to live in your shadow and answer for your actions.

So woe to you who prioritize paper over people.

Joshua, someone who is learning from his mistakes, too


2 thoughts on “The Savage Evangelist

  1. Thanks for the follow up cartoon. I wasn’t so sure what was meant by the “prioritize paper over people” until it was explained here. I also dig the Erik Larson hat tip!

    I’m always torn on tracts. I haven’t read many, but those I’ve read have been pretty all over the board in quality. A hot dog stand my mom and I used to go to always had tracks. They didn’t push them to you at all, you could just grab one if you wanted to. I think that’s a good way to do it. You want to read more about what we talked about? Here’s a tract.


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