A New Low In the Exodus of Moral High Ground?

A New Low In the Exodus of Moral High Ground?
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This is not a political cartoon and I’m not taking anyone’s side. I’m just asking a question.

Chen Guangcheng is a brave guy who, according to his TIME, “is best known for exposing alleged abuses in official family-planning policy, often involving claims of violence and forced abortions.” Even Batman went to visit him!

But how can the world applaud his efforts, press for his release and freedom, but turn a blind eye to the darkness he uncovered? And how then can a nation in which 50 million innocent children have been aborted spend so much time, effort, and media attention on a single person who another country considered a criminal? If leadership has so little care for the most innocent of its own citizenry, isn’t this sort of prime-time diplomacy just an expensive show on an international stage that, in the end, means nothing and results in less than that?

In a way, the Chinese government’s persistent reaction to US intervention is sharp and thought-provoking. They insist, and rightly so (maybe), that things like this are an internal matter.

But I’m genuinely interested in what you, the readers, might think about these questions:

1) By what right or authority does America suggest or impress its will on other nations? When is it right or not right to do so, if ever?

2) Is it not slightly contradictory that a nation would spend so much time, effort, and media attention on someone whom another nation considered criminal, yet sweep so many of its own failings under the rug (I won’t name them here)?

3) Doesn’t China have the right to point to America’s own human rights record to show that any assumed moral high ground has long ago eroded?

To me, in the end all people are familiar with this story are faced with a moral question regarding guilt and innocence and their relationship to the right or wrongness of punishment.

(And please know that I’m all for “world peace.” I just don’t have the realistic expectation that it’s going to happen as long as the human heart remains evil. And there are no signs that is going to change, this side of God’s grace and judgment through His Son, Jesus.)

Let me know what you think. (Comments with personal insults will be deleted, but knock yourself out.)


2 thoughts on “A New Low In the Exodus of Moral High Ground?

  1. I find these types of comments very interesting myself. Indeed, what right does the U.S. have to interfere in foreign affairs? What’s fascinating to me too is the notion that I’ve run into people who aren’t upset about the persecution of Guangchen. One person told me that he’s violating human rights by trying to stop the abortions (!?).

    There are so many issues raised by this spotlighted event that I’m not even sure where to begin.


    1. I can understand the frustration, JW.

      I was talking to my dad and we were kind of joking that Christian Bale or any other celebrity wouldn’t want to shake hands with any of us who are pro-life. In fact, they would say, as you’ve pointed out, preventing the “punishment” of an innocent person is anti-human rights. (!) Here we have a case where someone was being punished for being considered guilty, then the world cries “mercy”.

      Personally speaking, it looks like someone put the world in crazy gear and stepped on the gas. :(



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