The Intolerance of Tolerance

The Intolerance of Tolerance
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7 thoughts on “The Intolerance of Tolerance

  1. Unfortunately, this is a trend I very much see increasing within ‘folk’ Christianity. Yes, I think there is a strong representation of ‘folk’ religion within Christianity, particularly in the West. The tendency of these people is to ascribe to the “therapeutic deism” and call it Christianity. When people disagree with their positions on the Bible, Jesus, and religion, they get angry. But they can’t argue past shouting down. It’s sad.


    1. Very good point, JW.

      Such Christians sometime get upset because they misinterpret criticism, which we all need, with crucifixion, as if we’re trying to kill them verbally.

      This cartoon is to highlight a more secular view of tolerance and the secularist’s ideals of how a Christian should act. That’s why I used the derogatory form of “Christian” as “Xtian”.



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