An Unexpected Confession at the Great Disclosure

An Unexpected Confession at the Great Disclosure
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Why does the world always assume that aliens wouldn’t believe in God?

NOTE: I don’t buy into aliens. If I were pressed for a quote, I’d say that there’s something to the phenomenon, but I don’t believe that aliens are extra-terrestrial. I think the bits of evidence that exist points to them being extra-dimensional and no friend of humans (which tells us something about their true nature).


10 thoughts on “An Unexpected Confession at the Great Disclosure

  1. I for one think there is a good possibility that alien life exists on other worlds. If those lifeforms reached a stage in their evolution where they developed the capacity to reason, communicate, problem solve, etc, there’s a good chance they too developed mythologies about their world.

    I’d wager that when humans start landing on other planets they’ll be bring their religions with them.


    1. Interesting thoughts!

      Why is it that you think a further developed form of reason, communication, and problem solving would dispel “mythologies about their world”?

      I ask because if we look at what’s happening here on Earth, as we “develop” (we’re going backwards in some areas), questions get answered, yes, but new questions form in their place. As can be seen in our current understanding of the microscopic world (the one Darwin’s age knew very little about), things aren’t a simple as we once thought. The discovery that DNA is a code system, for example, brings us face-to-face with evidence of extradimensional intelligence (matter doesn’t produce information). Even Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA, saw the evidence so compelling that he attributed it to aliens (Directed Panspermia).



  2. I read an absolutely fascinating book in which this actually happened:

    I have contemplated writing a sci fi novel along the same type of premise. However, I’m instead working on one that takes a much different direction.

    Thanks for the awesome post. Brings back some memories and ideas.

    [SPOILER ALERT]: in the novel, ‘God’ turns out to be some weird super-powerful alien (?) who is ‘out there’ somewhere… and I vaguely remember the climax being some parallel of a virgin birth to bring ‘god’ into the world of these aliens/humans. Weird, thought-provoking book.


      1. I’m working on it! Slowly…. only about 40 pages in. I expect it to end up as 2 books.

        And yes the book is fascinating. Just be aware of the “spoiler” part.


  3. Hello Josh, hope you’ve had a blessed week! =)

    Actually, the thing about Directed Panspermia that has always intrigued me, is that some of its proponents are quite happy to make a recourse to something that is beyond ALL empirical observation, and to attribute agency to that which is not known to exist, AND YET, when someone says that we have – on inference to best explanation – excellent warrant for inferring a Designer, their immediate concern is this:

    “The Designer is not empirically observable and since He’s outside of our world, He cannot act within it.” =D

    Right. Um, did I miss something? =D

    Here’s something I came across that I figured might interest you:

    ‘Chances of Exoplanet Life ‘Impossible’? Or ’100 percent’?’ – February 2011 (

    “Howard Smith, an astrophysicist at Harvard University, made the headlines earlier this year when he announced, rather pessimistically, that aliens will unlikely exist on the extrasolar planets we are currently detecting. “We have found that most other planets and solar systems are wildly different from our own. They are very hostile to life as we know it,” “Extrasolar systems are far more diverse than we expected, and that means very few are likely to support life,” he said.”

    Finally, on the topic of Francis Crick, the late Sir Fred Hoyle, one of those who suggested that alien life might come here (and who also, by the way, made calculations for the sheer mathematical improbability of life existing on Earth in the first place), was another person who was startled by some of the evidence he saw:

    “I do not believe that any physicist who examined the evidence could fail to draw the inference that the laws of nuclear physics have been deliberately designed with regard to the consequences they produce within stars.” (Sir Fred Hoyle, ‘The Universe: Past and Present Reflections’, Engineering and Science)

    ‘Michael Denton – We Are Stardust – Uncanny Balance Of The Elements – Atheist Fred Hoyle’s conversion to a Deist/Theist’ (


    1. Hey, Getic.Apolo!

      Thanks for the links and your comments. Those are all points that people should consider as evidence continues to add up to show that, indeed, we are on a privileged planet and in a privileged position in the Universe. (And believe it or not, that the Earth is astronomically near the center of the Universe is being entertained by more and more scientists. Note: They’re not saying Earth IS the center of the Universe, but that the center may be within our galaxy.)

      SETI has swallowed millions of dollars and the spare time of millions of people, yet produced nothing. The silence, I think, is deafening.

      Thanks for keeping in touch,



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