The Magic Materialist Pulling Goodness Out of His Ontological Hat

The Magic Materialist Pulling Goodness Out of His Ontological Hat
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5 thoughts on “The Magic Materialist Pulling Goodness Out of His Ontological Hat

    1. This canard about atheism makes morality an illusion is promoted only by those who willfully and deliberately wish to remain ignorant about atheism and morality. Saying that life and morality and reason and virtue and emotions such as grief and love are physical processes — this is not the same as saying they are illusions. Until this mental hurdle of understanding is cleared by the religious who wish to vilify atheism by projecting straw man arguments then no understanding how atheists can be fully human is possible because the religious assumption overpowers what is obviously true in reality: atheists clearly demonstrate that they really are moral and loving and compassionate with lives of meaning and purpose. Until the religious can set aside their assumption of what must be true about atheism for their religious belief to have any differential value, and look to reality for these kinds of important and truthful answers, then the blunt fingers of faith will continue to plug the ears, cover the eyes, and stifle the voice of reality. Wartick’s article reveals exactly this assumption in play and results in exactly what we would expect to find in his smug arrogance: promoting and protecting intentional and deliberate ignorance in the service of maintaining a false belief.


      1. But you completely misunderstand the quotation! One can agree to objective morality but its value is utterly subjective. Remove the subject and you think objective morality still stands. And herein lies your confusion. It doesn’t, anymore than ‘elevation’ is some kind of concrete noun that actually describes some thing when it exists as a useful abstraction – like values – only by comparative means. Elevation – like objective morality – exists if and only if we are in agreement of these comparative values for measurement. Only by applying these subjective values (that we share) do we find agreement about commonalities, such as purpose and meaning. You make the mistake – just like Craig who has been corrected time and again to no avail – to anchor this objective morality as if it were an independent thing bestowed upon and accessible to us by god. By extension of your mistaken thinking, not believing in god removes the anchor you believe binds common value to objective morality. You then drop value altogether in defense of your assertion and claim atheism makes morality an illusion. But as Anthony herself points out, the subjective value she places on her children is an objective ‘fact’ of her morality untethered to your god. But rather than appreciate how this eviscerates your assertion, you simply dismiss it as if she rather than you were the one confused.

        What you fail to grasp is that by asserting morality comes from your god, you fail to understand that more people do not share your beliefs than do. Yet they are moral. In effect, you’re trying to tell us that your morality is superior to ours, that ours is less than yours, that you have divine morality on your side while we have only illusions. Therein lies your arrogance to assume without cause and actually in spite of compelling evidence to the contrary (as far as atheists demonstrate) that your morality derived from your god is real and pious and sanctioned while ours is without grounding. And you think this assertion – in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary – championed by Craig who submits to Divine Command Theory (and tells us to feel bad for soldiers slaughtering women and children in the name of the christian god) fosters love for others?

        Give your head a shake.


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