The “Heaven Bound” Hypocrite’s Highway Hello

The "Heaven Bound" Hypocrite's Highway Hello
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Aside from Jesus, there are no genuine heroes in the Bible. Each man and woman has their character flaw and it’s there in black and white for generations to take note of. Jacob was a cheat and deceived his own dad. Moses killed an Egyptian. Saul (the king) was eaten up with jealousy. David couldn’t discipline his children or curb his lust. Solomon was a little too ready to marry just about any woman. You can read all about it. That the Bible would record these things for posterity, I think, points to its inspiration. People typically try to make themselves saints on paper.

Nowadays, hypocrisy affects a lot of us. And that’s probably one reason why Jesus spoke a lot about it. In fact, it could be said that, generally speaking, the bulk of biblical narratives are accurate, faithful records about hypocritical behavior of hypocrites. But I say what better way to show us the reality of mankind than to focus it on that embarrassingly true element of each and every one of us — myself included!

But the point is not to try to downplay hypocrisy and make society accept it. Neither should we be easy on ourselves. No. We should pray for grace and strength to get rid of those bad habits, whatever they might be, so that they won’t distract from the Message. After all, if we’re going to point to Jesus, the Son of God, then let’s use our index finger, not our middle one.


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