The High Priest of Religious Pluralism

The High Priest of Religious Pluralism
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4 thoughts on “The High Priest of Religious Pluralism

  1. And all things are true! God exists! God doesn’t! God is one! There are many! God is good! There’s an evil god! There’s no God! Jesus is God! No he isn’t! Muhammad is a prophet! No he’s not!


  2. I fail to understand why some people refuse to accept that God is, has been, and always shall be. God sent a son to save us all. It’s all so simple. Yet, we make it so complicated. Why is that?


    1. Interesting comment that could be taken a number of ways. You said “God sent a son to save us all”. Judging from the indefinite article and the lowercase “s” of “son”, we might not be talking about the same God.

      If you get a chance, would you care to expand on what you meant by that sentence?

      Much appreciated!



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