December 22nd, 2012

December 22nd, 2012
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There are a few things to look forward to on December 22nd, 2012:

1) It will bring about a brief pause in people talking about “the end” (until people start setting new dates).
2) It will rid the world of loads of badly written and poorly researched books.
3) Groups of people will start living their lives again instead of cowering in fear and dread fostered by said books.


13 thoughts on “December 22nd, 2012

  1. I wish the world really would end on the 21st. That would break the boring routine of life for once. Sadly, my wishes don’t often come true.


      1. My life isn’t really boring. I do lots of things that I like everyday. The end of the world would just make it much more exciting. Not like a roller coaster (which is terrifying), but like “Yay! Something is finally happening in the world!”

        It’s not about ending it. (Though that would be nice too. Yes, I have psychological issues and they’re on the mend). It’s more about seeing stuff blow up and widespread chaos. I love chaos as long as it’s not happening in real life.

        So, no, I don’t want the world to end, but I do think it would be fun to watch. As long as no one gets hurt. Which they probably will.

        Maybe I should just go see a movie about the end of the world. I’m babbling. I’ll get of of your hair. The world’s not going to end.


  2. I wish there were a “love” button instead of just “like.”

    I have had tons of random interactions about this. I try to turn the conversation to a discussion of the endtimes from a Christian perspective.


      1. Cedric, why the giggles? if you had read the article that JW wrote, you would see that he points out that even those, like yourself, who are infected with scientism believe in an ultimate “end”. As JW said:

        Christians know that the end will come. However, this should not be surprising to anyone with knowledge of astronomy and physics. Indeed, our universe is ticking down to a cosmic heat death. Our universe itself will end. The energy will disperse, the stars will burn out, and all that will be left will be hulks of matter strewn about an ever-expanding galaxy. Or, perhaps there will be a “great crunch”–something I admit I am highly skeptical about–which will lead to an explosion of a new universe. But Christians have a unique perspective on the end of the world.

        Do you accept what JW says? Why or why not? Are you still giggling?



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