Time for a New Hobby

Time for a New Hobby
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End of the world date setting has been a hobby of some for some time. These misguided, ill-intended people (including some ignorant Christians) spend so much time focused on the end of the world that they forget to participate in it. In turn, they turn calloused and apathetic, giving their entire attention over to date phantoms, ignoring the real world and real problems that we face in it.

To them I say: Don’t hide behind another date and use it as an excuse to do nothing in the real world. The world needs your selfless participation, not your selfish withdrawal from it.

Besides, I don’t buy that the world will ever “end”. I’m firmly convinced by the words of Jesus that it will be changed, first for the worst and then for good for good. Furthermore, He said that the Master will be pleased to find his servant busy when he returns, not hiding in an underground lair, cheering for an apocalypse.


8 thoughts on “Time for a New Hobby

  1. New hobby? Nonsense! Every sensible person knows that the mayans were only off by a few months. The world in ending in June of 2013. I’d get ready if I were you.


  2. The early Christians didn’t “know the day or the hour”, but said they’d see (within a generation) the Son of Man coming on the clouds. Paul thought this: “those of us who are alive will be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air”


    1. Thanks for the comments. I’m not sure where the New Testament says they expected Jesus’ return within a generation. Are you talking about Matthew chapters 16 and 26?

      Regardless, it was not knowing the day or the hour of Jesus’ return, not “the end of the world”, right? Those are two different ideas, though, sadly, people these days use them interchangeably. Christians are to know the season of Jesus’ return. The verses you seem to alluded to fit in well with a universal resurrection of both good and evil people at the time of Jesus’ return (Acts 24:15; Revelation 1:7; etc.).

      But some biblical scholarship indicates that the early Christians initially thought He was to return in their lifetime, yet when the signs of the season failed to materialize around 63 AD, they began to understand that it was a long way off. (2 Peter 3 is the most explicit of these.) This, perhaps, even initiated the writing and canonization of the New Testament.

      Have you heard this angle before?



    2. I think a lot of the cosmic imagery reflects the fact that the Temple was, for the Jews, the center of the universe. The Temple was God’s place of dwelling on earth, and its destruction would indeed be the end of the world (cf. Mark 13:24ff). Jesus Himself became the new temple. The world, in a very theological sense, did indeed end, for God’s dwelling was no longer in the Temple but among us as Christ incarnate.


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