Drinking Songs of the Future

Drinking Songs of the Future
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In the past, some viewed life as “but a dream”. Some people and religions consider life a nightmare from which we are to escape. The latest variation is that some theoretical physicists have proposed the idea that Universe is actually a gigantic hologram. While the idea does reek of bad L. Ron Hubbard-esque sci-fi, money has been thrown at it; a million dollars actually. Then an experiment injured the theory (wording makes it unclear whether or not the theory is still a viable one), while, apparently, nobody (?) told Hogan et al. that a European satellite already existed which could be used to test the theory. (Wonder if any other worthwhile cause could have used a million US dollars?)

Some may ask “What difference would it make?” I understand the sense of the question. It probably wouldn’t change one thing about how I personally live. If The Matrix has taught us anything it’s that mentally unstable people react quite differently to ideas like these. I think the more uncomfortable question for those who adhere to a strict materialistic explanation in conjunction with the holographic theory would be: If the Universe is merely a holographic projection, then who made the projector?



4 thoughts on “Drinking Songs of the Future

  1. I admit I was laughing already when I saw the title of this one. Then as I read the lyrics and the discussion underneath, I started laughing more. It also makes me said, though. I can’t believe some of the things people think are worth investigating.


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