An Allegory of an Aggressive Agenda

An Allegory of an Aggressive Agenda
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3 thoughts on “An Allegory of an Aggressive Agenda

  1. We just passed the 10th anniversary here in Canada of legalizing same-sex marriage. Traditional marriage has not been affected one iota. The sky has not fallen and the livestock remain safe from molestation. Corpses have yet to show up at the registry office. But what we have accomplished is advancing values of equality and dignity that matter. Imagine how far so many people like you must come before you can celebrate what we in Canada have already achieved, symbolized by the raising of the gay pride flag at Canadian Force Base Edmonton:

    “Lt. (navy) Jessica MacDonald, a military spokeswoman, said those who work at the sprawling base that includes infantry and armoured units have been supportive.

    There has been no backlash, she said.

    “The flag-raising is really a symbol to all members of the LGBT community,” she said, “whether they are civilian or serving members, that the Canadian Forces promotes principles of inclusiveness, equality and dignity.

    The ceremony was attended by base commander Lt.-Col. John Reiffenstein, soldiers, civilians from the LGBT community and their supporters.

    “It’s vital that we are an inclusive, tolerant, military community, defence community,” Reiffenstein said Friday. “These are Canadian values.”

    And it is important to recognize those values in a physical way, he added.

    Symbols matter — and we understand that in the army.

    Legalizing gay marriage isn’t about sex; it’s about institutionalizing respect for secular values.


  2. Technical notes for readers:

    1) Although the first legal same-sex marriage in Canada was in June of 2003 (“The Michaels”), same-sex marriage was not legalized nationwide in Canada until July 20, 2005.

    2) Even in places, like Canada, where “gay marriage” is legal, extremely few do it. For example, in Canada’s 2011 census, only 32.5% of gay couples were reported to be married. (Compare that with 67% of heterosexual couples.) That was a major increase from around 16% when it was first legalized. Whatever else we may draw from that data, it does, at the very least, imply that homosexual couples in Canada are not racing to the altar… or whatever they race to. It also seems to show that marriage isn’t really that important to the majority of them. (For the poor folk who would say that numbers shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Well, how small does a minority have to be before you grant them their “rights”? Could we change the laws and definitions for 0.01%?)

    3) Never forget that the people making homosexual marriage their number one social issue and preoccupation are attempting to shout down or dismiss the body of homosexuals who want nothing to do with marriage. What you’re not being told is that group sees marriage as, among other things, an obstacle to their sexual freedom, a staple of a by-gone age, and they want no part of it.

    I’ve already written too much. Unlike the opposition, I don’t want to take my word for it. Here is a tiny sampling of those voices. (I’ve given you a diverse sampling, not just a single source):

    Beyond Marriage Petition

    [] Gay Marriage is a Distraction

    [blog] Gays Against Gay Marriage

    [blog] Queer Kids of Queer Parents Against Gay Marriage!

    [Salon] Will marriage change gay love?

    [Newsweekly] France, Homosexuals support protest against same-sex marriage

    That’s all I have to say about that.


    PS – Critics of point #3 will often say “Gays against gay marriage don’t speak for the rest of us”, etc. So the battle over whose voice is the “official” voice of the gay community is their own problem.

    PSS – Social acceptance and legal recognition of homosexual behavior has led to the opening up to similar rationalizations for all sorts of other perverse, unnatural sexual behavior. For example, in Germany, where same-sex unions are officially recognized, they had to ban bestiality just last year because there was a sharp rise in it. (One article indicates as many as 100,000 people in Germany alone participate in the twisted lifestyle.) Legal recognition of homosexual marriages didn’t cause it, but it did pave the way for other people to demand equal rights for their abnormal sexual behavior using the same rhetoric (consensual, loving relationships should be affirmed by the State). Preemptive comment / note on that: Disputes about “consent” and “love” on this issue are addressed by the sick individuals involved in the article linked above. Regarding consent, one twisted individual says: “An animal is quite capable of showing precisely what it wants and does not want” (i.e. consent). Regarding “love”, another says: “We only want what’s best for the animal. It cannot be that the mutually gratifying sexual contact between human and animal is forbidden because it’s unfavorable to the species…” (i.e. love).


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