Youtube, Rechristened

Youtube, Rechristened
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2 thoughts on “Youtube, Rechristened

  1. Pretty accurate. I have comments turned off on youtube. No point to reading them, to be honest. I’ve yet to see a single helpful conversation. Even people who are trying to engage are ultimately drowned out by “shouting.”


    1. Exactly. That is especially true if you view the comments section on any video dealing with creationism, an experience which inspired the post. Even when you try to point out errors in videos (like I did with a couple of thunderf00t videos [he said mammals are “never” found with dinosaurs in the fossil record, for example]), you don’t get any response other than a long list of adjectives and insults that I wouldn’t even say to my worst enemy.

      Side note: Saw your blog posts being quoted on other blogs, JW (like Wintery Knight). Congratulations!


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