More Than a Piece of Jewelry

More Than a Piece of Jewelry
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There are few fashion statements as atrocious as seeing someone treat the cross as merely an accessory with no more thought than a cheap gold chain. Some such people think of a cross necklace like some magic amulet that somehow diffuses all the evil they do while they have it on. (Some even use it to attract the attention of women.)

So the first thing I always ask someone I see wearing a cross (should the opportunity to chit chat present itself) is: “Does that mean anything to you?”

The worst answer they can give me is, “It’s just a piece of jewelry.”

No, sir / ma’am! It represents the most brutal and humiliating form of capital punishment ever conceived by man. And the King of the Universe, Jesus, thought enough of each of us to submit himself to it in order to prove the existence of God and His love for His Creation to save you from sin and death, both spiritual and physical.


4 thoughts on “More Than a Piece of Jewelry

  1. I quite enjoyed this post, fellow J.W.! I think a strategy of asking why someone wears a cross is a good way to start a conversation in the right context. I don’t know that I would just ask whomever, whenever, but I do think that it’s worth mentioning when you see someone with a cross on!


    1. Try it sometime!

      And thanks for your continued encouragement, JW. I’m genuinely thankful for it, especially after you hitting the big time in the apologetics world with your in-depth blog articles! (Your work is popping up everywhere!)


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