Sure Signs of a Sinister Sect

Sure Signs of a Sinister Sect
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I was going to type out a long, drawn-out explanation of the experiences that inspired the cartoon, but, instead, I’ll just share this with you, dear readers.

The New Testament paints a picture of unity within the Ecclesia [Greek: ἐκκλησία] (the Christian Church with its different strengths, weaknesses, and talents working together [Ephesians 4:11]) not conformity (everyone doing all the same things in the same way). A quick glance at creation will also make it evident to the contentious observer that God enjoys variety.

In contrast, cults love conformity. The right suit and tie. The right haircut. The correct skirt. Say the right words at the right time. Don’t rock the boat. Simply put: Persistent focus on exterior appearances, formalities, and speech patterns is a sure sign of a cult. But the most obvious sign of a cult, from a Christian perspective at least, is whenever a person tries to place themselves between you, the believer, and God. Whenever I enter a place that thrives on conformity and cookie cutter-ness, I can’t stand it, especially if it’s identifying itself as a “Christian” organization.

So whether it’s Joseph Smith, Muhammad, Li Changshou, or anyone else, if you read and believe the Bible, then you should know that there’s only one Mediator between the believer and God… it’s Jesus.

Note: Any similarities between the characters in the cartoon and Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses are purely coincidental. Maybe.

content © 2014 Joshua Warren


4 thoughts on “Sure Signs of a Sinister Sect

  1. I quite enjoyed this post. I think there is something to be said for how radically certain sects separate themselves from all others. I wonder where the line might be drawn that shows one has gone too far, however. When does it stop being “in the world and not of it” and become neither?


    1. I think it’s when they stop caring about anyone who is not one of them or even when their only goal in life is to make other people join their group and conform to the group’s dress code and perverse moral code. What do you think?


      1. I really like the lines you have drawn, and I think they’re pretty much exactly how I would draw them too! Thanks for this really insightful post, as always. I love your blog!


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