A Karate Chop to the Divine Names Controversy


Lost in the abundant arguments over the proper pronunciation of this-or-that divine Name of God or the proper appellation or designation of God is one of the central revelations of the Bible: God as Father.

The Old Testament is replete with examples of God referring to Himself as Father and to the Israel of the time as His Son / Child.

Jesus made this a living reality for us to follow. He went even further, actually calling God “Daddy”!

And that was the very thing that got Him nailed on the cross.

So, I suggest that instead of arguing over vowel pointings, we remind ourselves — daily, if necessary — that God is our Father and think hard and long about the wonderful implications of that.


3 thoughts on “A Karate Chop to the Divine Names Controversy

  1. I guess I’m not wholly aware of the controversy that is being referenced here, and I’m not sure what the thrust of your point is. It seems to me the thrust is to say we should stick to calling God “Father,” but I think that all the different names for God–particularly God’s self-used name YHWH–are worthy of use. Could you explain better what’s going on here?


    1. That’s the kind of comment I crave!

      The controversy involves the correct pronunciation of the tetragrammaton יהוה you mentioned. Is it pronounced “Yahweh”, “Yahveh”, “Jehovah”, “Yehowah”, etc.?

      Also there is passionate discussion about the proper designation of God in light of Jesus. Do we call God “LORD” or should it be “YHWH” with the proper pronunciation (which one?)? Or Adonai?

      Add to that a related controversy, the proper way to call “Jesus” or pronounce His Name (Yeshua or Yahushua or Joshua).

      The controversy is rife. It just depends on which area of the Internet you’re digging around in. The thing that I and others have seen is that if the issue of the exact pronunciation of divine Names or titles were so important, then surely the New Testament authors would have recorded them for us. But what terms do the New Testament authors use when recording information about God and Jesus for both Gentile and Jewish believers?

      To my mind, the revelation of God as Father is most clearly seen in the text of the New Testament and that “Father” is the most precious title and Name for God that we humans can use. What other religion be as bold as to use it? And what clarity it has in every language regardless of pronunciation.

      Let me know if that clarifies things any…


      1. Thanks a bunch for the clarification. I knew vaguely that controversy existed, but the whole thing seems to me a bit silly. Though, I do think we can and should reference God by the divine name…I think the controversy over exactly how to pronounce it is unnecessary.

        But yeah, I see how it could be a controversy. I do think we shouldn’t reference God only as Father though. Anyway, just my random unconnected thoughts.


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