A Pictorial Representation of the Perils of Pornography


Ministry or even just every-day interactions in our modern, hyper-sexualized society is hard enough in light of the general public’s addiction to pornography. So when I heard recently that a study revealed that half (!) of self-identified evangelical Christians admitted to viewing porn regularly (!), I was heart sick.

That is just sickening.

If you are viewing porn, rest assured that you are poisoning yourself and destroying your mind. And if you’re viewing porn and calling yourself a Christian (!), you are spiritually dead, sick in the head, and lying to yourself.

Repent at once! Get rid of the Internet or even your entire computer. Jesus told us that it sometimes takes drastic measures like these to enter life.

2014/12/13 UPDATE

Internet Porn Pandemic Threatens World and Church, Apologetics Conference Highlights



8 thoughts on “A Pictorial Representation of the Perils of Pornography

  1. I would note that people can be addicted to porn and while this is not a dismissal of it as sinful (it is still sinful), I think that we should encourage counseling, support groups, etc. and try to avoid terms like “you are sick in the head.” But I do think you are correct largely in your point and the comic itself is spot-on. Thank you!


    1. I understand the spirit of what you are saying. We’re saying the same thing, just in different ways. Yours is more covert and kind. Mine is more direct, which I can’t help because if someone is claiming to be a Christian and looking at porn, they are affected with an illness. Their mind is not healthy, nor will it ever be until they honestly confront themselves.


    1. Check out the scientific research about the effects of porn on the brain and its chemistry. After that, you might find my picture is not graphic enough! :)


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