Painfully Precious Public Poster: Atheism – Good Enough for These Guys

Atheism - Good Enough for These Guys

After reading Luis Palau’s book A Friendly Dialogue Between an Atheist and a Christian, I wrote to him asking why the elephant in the room was nowhere to be found in its pages (Mao Zedong and the 50+ millions who died from policies and actions as the outgrowth of his atheism). He responded that once the manuscript had been finished, that Zhao Qizheng et al. had the final edit and the final say.


As often happens with atheism, modern atheists like to give a nice, friendly, carefully edited picture of what atheism is. Find someone, like any of the characters in this image, and they’ll immediately say such a person is “not of their denomination” or that atheism had nothing to do with their actions.

Well, beliefs do have consequences. Readers, you can judge whether or not these evil men acted in accord with their atheism or in rebellion to it…

Joshua / NAA

PS – This image was a public meme. I didn’t make it and I’m not sure who did. Otherwise, proper credit would be listed here.


2 thoughts on “Painfully Precious Public Poster: Atheism – Good Enough for These Guys

  1. I think this is a kind of example of what I call “rhetoric” apologetics. It is a way to answer the atheist by means of a clever turnabout and the like. It can be very useful and even helpful.

    On the other hand, I think rhetoric(ical?) apologetics is but a pointer to deeper questions and conversations. For example, should we hold atheists guilty by association any more than holding Christians guilty by association because of certain “bad apples”? I think the conversations something like this can start are quite valuable, but then the question is whether the original “meme” is valid to begin with, and if not–then what?


    1. Agreed. That’s why I tacked on the little paragraph at the end. There was another meme I once saw that said “Atheism – Good enough for these idiots.” And it featured people like Einstein, Lincoln, and a bunch of other people who were certainly not atheists.

      So many memes have gone up with caricatures and even false information regarding Christianity, I thought this was a nice little twist. And it definitely can be a conversation starter.

      Of course, there was also that whole Liberal, Missouri incident which was a nice, little experiment in applied atheism. Thankfully, the kind, moral atheists out there (of which there are many) live their lives in a way that is not in accord with their atheism, but in spite of it.


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