The World Getting Ready for Its Date With Destiny


…and it’s going to be ugly.


2 thoughts on “The World Getting Ready for Its Date With Destiny

  1. Alright I’ve been trying to figure this one out for days. I’ve seriously looked at it for probably at least an hour total and I just can’t figure out what is supposed to be going on. Any hints?


    1. Man, don’t waste that much precious time on these little cartoons. The world needs your apologetic work!

      The Bible is clear about the struggles and tragedies that will come to the world just before the Lord Jesus returns to judge it righteously. With the mass of Christian beheadings, the growth of ISIS, rampant lawlessness, this picture is meant to be an allegory, a reminder of the judgment coming to Earth.

      I could be wrong in my estimation of the exact time, but major prophetic events may be just ahead of us. While much of the world, deluded by the idea of progress, is busy primping itself, preparing for a bright future of self-indulgence and life on their own without acknowledging our Creator (eternal life through technology, not God’s gift, is the goal of transhumanism, a rather popular topic these days), they don’t even know that judgment is right at the door. (2 Peter 3)

      And it isn’t going to be pretty.

      That’s basically it…


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