Is the World Ready for the Big Squeeze?

image When I was a young boy, one of the most traumatic events I experienced was watching my brother get a boil on his leg lanced. The thing had festered and enlarged itself until it was becoming a danger to his health, I believe. The vivid image of him being held by adults and having that mass popped and all the terror and screaming that involved is hard to forget.

The world, too, has an unhealthy, festering, growing mass that is threatening its very survival. It’s evil. The evil in this world is reaching an unimaginable depth and breadth of depravity. People are becoming “more clever devils”, to borrow a C.S. Lewis phrase, finding more ways to justify their evil and even going so far as refusing to admit evil actually exists. And to add insult to injury, some still believe in the myth of progress; that we humans are getting better. (This comes after the horrors of the twentieth century.)

Is the sin of the world reaching critical mass? Is there judgment just on the horizon?

I have no sure word or special insight. I’m just torn up by the ceaseless cesspool of wickedness that surrounds us. A recent event at an elementary school here had me so upset that I don’t even have the energy to be sarcastic. If judgment does come in the coming months (September) and years, it will be, like my brother’s boil experience, accompanied with a lot of pain, sorrow, weeping, and gnashing of teeth.

Nevertheless, the good news is still good. It’s those who continually do evil that are to fear. Which brings me to another point. Often, the Last Days are compared with the time period that Noah lived. The thing to remember is that it was the evil, not the good, that were expunged from the Earth.

So let’s watch, participate in doing going and not grow tired, and also pray.


4 thoughts on “Is the World Ready for the Big Squeeze?

  1. Another good post.

    I wonder if America is Babylon the Great, mentioned in Revelation. I’ve heard a lot of people wonder why America is “not mentioned” in Revelation, but what if we have a major role?

    Sin is sickening. The only thing that makes me feel better… somewhat… is that these behaviors have been going on since shortly after God created humans. And the cycle of history repeats itself. Mankind has been worse than we are now, at least I think so (think Sodom and Gomorrah) but it seems like we’re trying hard to beat them.

    One of my personal goals is to be that person that, when God looks around the earth for that one who follows Him, the one who is faithful; instead of finding no one, that He finds me. I am still working on that, but it matters to me tremendously. The Creator of everything I am, everything I know, everything I can see or experience, deserves absolute obedience. And that is so easy when one considers that every law that He made 1. doesn’t have to be obeyed; it’s our choice; and 2. is made specifically for our good, not His, as He made us and loves us enormously!

    Anyway, good blog, I enjoy it. Your artwork is really great, too!


    1. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

      Do you think Revelation 18:3, 15 may describe America?

      Your point about our modern world trying to outdo Sodom and Gomorrah is not far from the truth at all.

      Keep on pursuing with your personal goal. It’s a noble, worthy one. Our lives are so full of distractions (including my own), it’s also a difficult one.


      1. Yes, I believe the verses you mentioned describe America quite well. Maybe we have to get worse than we are to be that bad? But I can’t think of another nation that could quite fit the description. I don’t know though, I just hate the sin that is so prevalent here.


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