“We[e] [on] the People…”


In the aftermath of the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex “marriage”, other people have come out to demand their marriage rights, too.

There’s a guy in Billings, Montana pointing to the horrid SCOTUS decision and demanding the right to take multiple wives — and he plans on suing if his “rights” are denied. And there is that professor at Columbia University who wants to marry his adult, consenting daughter. Oh, and the two gay brothers who want to tie the knot. I guess two people loving each other is enough to allow them to “get married”, right?

Oh, wait. Why just 2 again? Why not 3? 4?

Given the (bad) logic of gay marriage proponents, which includes ejecting gender distictions from the equation (an ignorantly calculated move that undermines any subsequently and arbitrarily assigned limit to the number of spouses within any given marriage union), the so-called “rights” of the people above can’t be denied. Indeed, they’ve dug a pit of lawlessness and anarchy and they are going to fall quickly into it.

In related news:

It appears that the Obama Administration isn’t done giving the finger to God just yet. If the story turns out to be true, it was revealed that a Justice Department memo has a list of 12 other perversions that they plan on decriminalizing, including bestiality and worse!

Welcome to Amerika!


4 thoughts on ““We[e] [on] the People…”

  1. You are right on target, good art work and sorry to say, I among millions of others are on the receiving end of this decision as you so well illustrated. 😭


  2. I pray the following:

    My dearest Heavenly Father:

    It was the day the music died and my heart is broken. Evil radiates from their hearts. All debauchery forms of the unthinkable is all that matters to them. Yes, they indeed turned their Lady of the Wilderness into the wh ore of Babylon that day.The Lady shall disappear as promised. Huh? As it is written, so shall it be true. Erasing God is forgivable. Erasing Jesus is forgivable. When you erase his Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit of his Words, then you commit the unforgivable. They committed blasphemy. There is an unforgivable sin and the soul rapists will know and learn that one day.Huh? Good luck to the soul rapists. Please, God have mercy on the victims. Let others get their due justice, in Jesus’s name. Amen.


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