The Bullied Have Become the Bullies

The Bullied Have Become the Bullies

Bullying is bad. Really bad. It’s bad, regardless who is doing it. If a person posing as a Christian is doing it (ala Fred Phelps et al.), it’s bad. If it’s a gay mob hissing, spitting, and hitting street preachers, it’s bad. (See the first video in the comments section.)

Now, the tendency of the media is to portray the latest LGBTQ spokesman as a tragic figure. Normally, there is a lot of truth to such stories. (Nearly every person I knew that was gay had a history of abuse or a bad relationship with their parent of the same sex.)

However, homosexuals don’t have a monopoly on being bullied.

Try growing up in America being skinny or having bad teeth. I had both and I was bullied and made fun of because of them. I can’t lie and say those things didn’t hurt at that time (especially a guy walking up to you in the hallway and nearly pushing his hand through your chest for no apparent reason other than you’re skinny, shy, and too weak to defend yourself). It nearly pushed me to the brink of self-destruction, I kid you not. Don’t feel sorry for me! The story “ain’t” over yet…

Yet then I had an encounter with the news about Jesus. Thanks to the forgiveness I received from Jesus for all the wrong things I did (sin), I extend forgiveness to each of those people who wronged me. The heart transplant He performed on me empowered me to stop the cycle of bullying / abuse, to forgive those that bullied me, and try my best to stop it at the schools where I work.

While I can identify with those being bullied, bullying people through frivolous lawsuits and lobbying is just as bad as doing it with fists and knives. And using a horrible experience we had growing up as justification for your beef with the world is ultimately self-destructive. And I think a number of them see Christians as fitting targets upon which they can express the anger they have towards God for the bad things that happened to them.

Sadly, the bullied have become the bullies. Only now they’re not content with taking merely your lunch money, but your business licenses and your savings.

But there is hope. The bullied can become the forgiven and the initiators of change.

content © 2014 Joshua Warren


5 thoughts on “The Bullied Have Become the Bullies

  1. Regarding your comment about the people you know who underwent abuse, I just wanted to comment that the people I know who identify as “gay” all have stories of extreme abuse that would easily explain why they have rejected normal, healthy relationships. They need help more than they need “tolerance”.

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      1. Oh, I didn’t think you were promoting tolerance! I meant tolerance by the world in general, clearly not by you (or me). Sorry I was not more clear about that. It was more of a “continued conversation” rather than “against” your viewpoint.

        You are doing great things for God and His standard. I support you 100%.


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