Strive to be the Spiritual Bruce Lee!


One person I admire is Bruce Lee. In fact, the book Bruce Lee: Artist of Life, a book which documents his thoughts and philosophy throughout his metamorphosis from kung fu coach to worldwide superstar, was well worth the read. No matter the angle that you view him from, that Bruce Lee was intensely — obsessively — devoted to his craft (his blend of the martial arts) is always evident. He had a level of dedication that compelled him so feverishly that he even overcame a very severe back injury that had left him bedridden for 6 months.

That, dear readers, is dedication.

And it is that level of dedication, of singular vision, to which I want to compel my fellow Christians reading this. But instead of the object of your focus being the beating of an opponent, I pray that it is demolishing excuses, habits, and time-wasting activities that hinder and distract you from living, talking, and working as a Christian in this ever-increasing evil world that we find ourselves in.


4 thoughts on “Strive to be the Spiritual Bruce Lee!

  1. I think this is a very important call, particularly to get away from “wasting time.” How often do I catch myself just browsing the latest social media, reading a silly story about something, or the like? I have managed to cut down on this massively because having a child forces you to either get nothing else done or really manage your time, but I still find myself doing this fairly often.

    We also need to be careful of what we consider “wasting time.” Investing time into things that are not directly related to study is not wasting time; nor is is it wasteful to use some time to unwind by watching a favorite TV show or reading a good piece of fiction. We need to have limits on these activities, however, lest we allow them to be the control functions in our lives.


    1. You got that right, J.W.! Don’t move to far in either direction, I say. Our conscience should give us some warning signs if we do (guilt, anxiety, boredom…).


  2. Good words, thanks for opening up anew mind set when looking at Bruce Lee and the discipline he had for his craft, if only people (me included) would develop that same dicipline for Christ.


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