Excerpt from Preamble of the Declaration of Dependence of the Divided States of Amerika

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These days, the current US administration has shown by their misunderstanding of the founding principles of the nation.

This is easily seen in their twisted, illogical interpretation of the First Amendment. Through the continued political and financial assault of Christians and Christian business owners for not kissing the boots of the Gaystapo, the current administration shows that they don’t know the difference between the words “of” and “from”.

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from it.

But be aware. Promotion and legalization of unnatural, unhealthy lifestyles and the persistent murdering of unborn children comes at a price. As Rabbi Jonathan Kahn has said, the current administration has sealed the fate of the US this past Summer by legalizing / promoting a lifestyle that is diametrically opposed to the natural, God-designed intent of the male and female anatomy.

As gay organizations further muddy the moral waters, infiltrate the church with pro-gay propaganda and evil interpretations of Scripture, the financial and literal persecution of Christians within the US will increase quickly and dramatically. However, if we’ve learned anything from history, the persecution of the Church doesn’t do a thing to extinguish it. In fact, it does the exact opposite.

Watch out, World! Judgment is coming.

Get ready, Church! Your time to shine is nearer.

content © 2014 Joshua Warren


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