How long, O Church, will you covet your tax-free status?


The Church is supposed to influence the culture, not the other way around. And clever leaders of the past understood this power that the Church possesses. So, in order to bind Its power and influence, the government, like the Greeks of old, decided to give the Church a nice, big (and free!) gift: a horse called 501(c)(3).

“…it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.”

Yet CAIR (Center for American Islamic Relations), also a 501(c)(3) organization, stands up and demands that Dr. Ben Carson withdraw from the presidential race after exercising his first amendment rights — without consequence or penalty!

O Church! How long will you sit by, polishing and proud of your status, while the Obama administration, under the leadership of a narcissistic, anti-Christian man named Obama sets the Constitution alight, defends Islam at every turn, and continues to enable those groups that want nothing more than to wipe Christianity from the face of the Earth?

You say nothing, thinking that being a good boy will mean you and your flocks will be spared. You are decieved!

Staying out of politics is not following “a higher calling”. Staying out of politics is staying out of your calling to be a loud, clear voice of conscience in a culture that needs you.

Wake up. Stand up. Say something.


8 thoughts on “How long, O Church, will you covet your tax-free status?

  1. You are right. I also see this, to my distress, in the public school where I work. Too many teachers say they are Christians, but cannot mention the name of Christ or their beliefs. They willingly teach the corrupt lessons they are “supposed” to teach and do not stand against this sin. I am talking to many of them about this. And I speak freely of Christ. I AM a Christian; I don’t “identify” as one. And so there is no reason for me not to tell everyone about Him. We must all be bold and stop letting evil people decide for us what we will be, what we will say, whether in the church or elsewhere.


    1. Right on, Susanne! Glad there are still people like you in the public school system.

      The evil membrane that has covered the culture in the US has everyone believing the opposite regarding separation of Church and State. It was that the government is to keep out of the Church, not the other way around. I’ve found that Muslims have no trouble doing that and the current administration has no trouble letting them — Obama himself is a sort of a Muslim apologist.

      Now is the time to stand up!

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    1. I hope we can each be bold(er). But the pulpits in America are compromised. Watch any mainstresm sermon on TV and listen how carefully each pastor intentionally skirts around important social issues (gay “marriage”; Planned Parenthood, etc.) and politicians’ names. (It’s not every one of them, but the majority.)

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      1. True. We can be bolder. My, we need to be motivated by the Gospel so that we can faithfully lovingly obey Him and fear God rather than men. Thanks.


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