At the Tail End of His Term, Obama is Showing His


At every single twist and turn, Obama and his administration has used almost every tragedy to either further restrict the rights and freedoms of law-abiding US citizens or to undermine Christianity.


What is under-reported in the media is the Obama Administration’s deliberate refusal to accept Middle Eastern Christians, giving preference, instead, to Muslims. This is a damning and revealing fact that even the Washington Post report (HERE), stating that 96% of refugees admitted to the United States “so far” are Muslim.

So, despite his early profession to be a Muslim — Wait! (Thankfully, George Stephanopoulus was there to correct him.) — a Christian, he has shown next to nothing in his public or private life that gives any credence to the claim. In fact, he has done everything to malign Christianity in the US and around the world (i.e. lecturing Kenyans on gay “rights”, despite being told to NOT do so), and to bring about its total annihilation in the Middle East.

I only pray that the many good people of the US realize what sort of man and his cronies who occupy the White House before it reaches a point of no return and the once Great, Grand Light on the Hill of the World becomes just another burned out bulb.

Regardless, I think this new year will be one of the most pivotal in the history of the country…

content © 2016 Joshua Warren / No Apologies Allowed


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