Funky Fruit Fresh from the Gay Agenda Tree


Laws have been drafted to defend sexual orientation rights and they are poisonous.

The language used acts like a red taffy slathered over a grenade; it obscures the distinction between “behavior” and “orientation”. One does no harm (orientation) the other does (behavior). Reality shows that homosexual behavior is deleterious to both the mental and physical health of the individuals involved and is also a danger to the health of society.

But, truth be told, the true intent of sexual orientation rights is to restrict free speech of those who object to homosexual behavior and it works to further legitimize the true agenda of the Gay Agenda: To legitimize homosexual behavior in the public sphere with the ultimate aim of eliminating all limits to sexual behavior.

The enemy is just at the gate. Time to go on the offense — use whatever skills, talents, and connections you have to defend natural marriage and heterosexuality in accord with God’s design. It might be the last chance we’ve got…


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