About NAA

Purpose of the Blog

The comics posted here are meant to spark discussion and exchange about the most important topics that can be debated, which are:

Does God exist?
Does life have a purpose?
Is the existing evidence best explained by natural or supernatural causes?

Meaning of “No Apologies Allowed”

The title “No Apologies Allowed” comes from the fact that I intend on letting the cartoons speak for themselves. There will not be long, drawn out apologetic arguments (i.e. “no apologies”) attached to each. There are already many people who have done so. However, the cartoons won’t be lacking in apologetic substance. No, you’ll just have to look carefully for hidden references and images within each cartoon.

Comments & Opinions

Everyone is welcome to post their opinions. However, uncivil posts, crude language posts, and posts that rely heavily on insults will be deleted.


If you’d like to use the cartoons in your publications, feel free to do so. Just don’t alter the cartoons in any way, please.

With a handshake,

Joshua Warren

20120518 UPDATE: Comment Policy Revision


Thanks for wanting to get involved and interact. I genuinely appreciate it.

However, because of some interactions lately, it has occurred to me that some people don’t really care how much of your time, energy, and kindness you extend to them. They just keep taking. I missed Bible trivia with my oldest daughter last night and ate a cold dinner and lunch for two days in a row trying to keep up. Those were my mistakes. I regret them.

So, I thought I would revise my comment policy. Here it is:

There’s a reason why I use cartoons and link to brief articles. The entire point of this blog was brevity: no apologies allowed = a play on words indicating no long, drawn out essays about a particular topic / subject were going to be allowed

I understand that people have a lot happening in their lives. (I’m certainly no different.) Most probably don’t have time to read long, lengthy essays on one single subject, while others simply aren’t willing to. Thankfully, there are blogs and sites which do have those things for interested people who like interacting with a lot of in-depth, good material on the things that matter most in life, namely the existence of God, who Jesus is, and your place in the history of the world. (Check out the blogroll down below on the right-hand side.) This blog isn’t one of them. It was intended for BRIEF comments, not long commentaries.

Please remember that.

For the really hard of reading: comment = a few sentences, no more than 10. commentary = longer than a comment.

NOTE: These policy revisions are meant only for comments direct to me. If you’d like to have detailed discussions and virtual insult war in the comments section, by all means do so! (Just don’t wait for me to get involved anymore.)

Any comments direct to me will be met with a response, if necessary. All commentaries direct to me will be left unanswered. I know. Maybe you do have a brand new philosophical idea or theory of everything that no one in the history of the world has ever had and you think there’s no better place to share it than in the comments section of one blog among millions. But please practice some self-restraint. It’s not a bad thing to do.

Effective immediately.

With a handshake,

Joshua of NAA

PS – Comments will be closed automatically after 30 days from the time the cartoon is posted.


20 thoughts on “About NAA

  1. I have to confess that I never considered that there could be a humour side to apologetics and while I disagree with religion

    I find your site entertaining and will add you to my cartoon blogroll.


  2. Innovative. Great and thoughtful cartoons.

    If you take requests, I’d love to see one that somehow
    demonstrates the oddness of atheistic naturalists materialists
    complaining about the “problem of evil” and suffering in the world.



    1. Thanks, Vocabmalone — Wow! I just realized it was you. I think the first time I came across your apologetic material was in a Youtube video where you were doing street evangelism at night (recognized your voice after hearing the Podcast interview with Daniel Wallace you did recently). You kept countering their arguments, to that point that the opposing side started stuttering and handed the mic to someone else. That was you, right?

      Actually, I have a cartoon in my sketchbook on almost that exact topic. I’ll get to it in a couple of weeks or so.



  3. I love this site, and I hope you get to read this message. I have a cartoon idea but can’t draw. Here it is: two mice (or worms) standing in front of massive rows of alphabetized books. One insists that the order proves someone made it that way. The other angrily insists the books randomly got into alphabetical order….


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