The Alien Gospel

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Discussion Questions

1) Is either the existence of extraterrestrial life or belief in it unbiblical?

2) If they are real, are extraterrestrials from other planets or other dimensions?

3) In light of the limited amount of verified information we have about extraterrestrial entities, are they really benevolent? Why or why not?

4) Does the Bible appear to predict an intimate and widespread encounter with extraterrestials? (Revelation chapter 9 and 12) And could the events described in Revelation (chapters 9 and 12) be misinterpreted as the second coming of Christ?

5) If they are real, are aliens actually demons?

6) Aside from them being a side effect of prolonged drug use, what other explanations are there for legitimate, unexplained extraterrestrial sightings and encounters?

7) What explanation can account for the mass of reported alien messages that are evolution-tinged and heavily anti-theistic?

Never forget that alien begins with “a lie”!